Bare Metal Raw Steel Doors

Sometimes perfection isn't always necessary.

What we are talking about is the finish and colour of steel windows and doors. As a standard, steel doors are powder coated. This gives an incredible finish, that is smooth and durable whilst looking great. What could be wrong with that, you ask?


BUT, there are other options out there and we want to show you...


Instead of powder coating your doors, why not give them a truly unique finish by having the raw mild steel exposed. This bare metal finish is hand polished by our expert craftsmen. Every weld is carefully applied to ensure the finish of the doors is outstanding. To ensure the finish lasts, a clear matt lacquer is subsequently applied. This gives the steel a beautiful finish.

Industrial Steel Doors Design Plus 02

The doors above were designed by Rebecca @StudioFortnum. Her client wanted the traditional design of Original Steel doors with a truly unique finish. The steel kick plates were hand polished. This removes all the scale that builds up on mild steel. Each kick plate was then chemically patinated to create the black wash. Once the desired effect was achieved the kick plates are again clear lacquered to protect the metal from rust.

Industrial Steel Doors Design Plus 04

We love it when designers stray from the standard "50 shades of Grey colours". We like it even more when they push the boundaries. For example, Rebecca designed doors that were taller than the industry standard (of 2400mm high).


The doors in the images are over 2600mm in height. This slight increase of only 200mm turns a nice door in to a GRAND door. The floor to ceiling doors operate smoothly with a satisfying weight. We think StudioFortnum did a GRAND job 🙂

Industrial Steel door Design Plus London 010

If you are thinking about having W20 inspired steel doors in you home or in your office do contact Design Plus for the fully unique finish doors.

Feel free to visit our showroom to see the the bare metal raw steel doors in the flesh or shoot us an enquiry to

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