Our internal slim steel profile allows us to offer our very own traditional look sliding and pocket doors

Original Steel Sliding Pocket Door Design Plus London 3

We know just how important it is to save space in homes and offices.

With this in mind we developed our internal steel sliding and pocket doors. Using a robust sliding track and running gear, our internal steel sliding doors can be ceiling mounted, face mounted or used as pocket doors.

In fact, when combined with fixed panels, sliding doors can be used for many different applications. For instance:

  • Partition off entire rooms,
  • Divide large office areas into separate meeting rooms,
  • Partition of your ensuite with a sliding or pocket door and reeded glass for privacy,
  • Add an internal wall made from steel and glass to make use of space whilst retaining maximum levels of light throughout your home,
  • Great for use in areas where space is limited and standard hinged doors just won't work.
Internal Slim Steel Sliding Doors Design Plus 01

Like all our steel products, sliding and pocket doors offer a large amount of design flexibility

From pane CONFIGURATION | FRAME COLOUR | PATTERN GLASS, frosted glass and HARDWARE. Our system allows you to design the doors and internal screens that will suit your taste and requirements.

  • Large oversize sliding doors (up to 1600mm wide x 2800mm high),
  • Single and double sliding and pocket doors,
  • Maximum natural light due to minimalist sight lines,
  • Concealed running gear,

Because of the natural strength of steel doors can be made to large sizes. In addition, this strength allows for large panels whilst keeping the profile thickness slender! As a result door frames are beautifully slim. In the end, they are as much a feature in a property as a useful partition.

Our doors can even be combined with pocket door systems such as the Eclisse Classic single Pocket Door system to create an all in one system sliding door, running gear and pocket.

Overall, our metal sliding pocket doors are a perfect space-saving alternative to a traditional hinged door for downstairs toilets, utility rooms, bathrooms, en-suites, storerooms and pantries, walk-in wardrobes. In fact they are ideal for any room where you wish to maximise the usable floor space in a property.

Original Steel Sliding Door and Partition Design Plus London 3
Original Steel Sliding Pocket Door Design Plus London 2

Almost endless options are available with our steel framed inspired sliding pocket doors.

So get in touch for more details, contact us HERE.