FD30 internal steel doors

FD30 or fire rated internal steel doors

Fire safety is becoming a vital requirement on all new and existing builds. Now more than ever internal fire rated doors are required. Building Control and local authorities are making sure that renovations conform to the new fire safety rules.

With this in mind, we decided it was time to upgrade our FD30 internal steel doors. Not only did we subject them to an ew round of testing in 2021. But we have also redesigned the doors. Subsequently, our doors now have a 30 minute fire rating. And in some cases our doors will achieve a 60 minute fire rating.

Fire rated screen and double door we fitted in London. These doors were 2600mm high!

Don't limit your interiors. Fire rated steel partitons and doors will jazz up your interior.

We find that the use for FD30 internal steel doors is not only limited to residential homes. Increasingly, it is becoming a requirement in commercial buildings. For example, we fitted 12 doors to a wellness centre THE SOKE in Fulham.

These doors not only provide a fire barrier for the 4 floor building. But they also give privacy to each consultation room. We think they match perfectly with the neutral colours of the centre. Credit entirely due to the designers COVET NOIR!


Where do I need fire rated doors?

Well, we're glad you asked that question.

First, it is important to understand what they do. Fire doors create a barrier between an area of fire risk and an escape route.

Secondly, the fire risk area must be identified. Your building control officer will assess the property. They will then advise which doors should be fire rated. This in order to keep the escape route safe in the event of a fire. For example, in residential properties the fire risk is often the kitchen. Due to the high power appliances using electricity and gas.

Thirdly, your Building Control officer will give an indication of the level of fire resistance. The most common requirements is for a 30 minute fire rating.

Once the fire risk area is located it is then possible to establish the escape route. Commonly this is the stairwell. Typically all doors from the kitchen to the main stairwell will be a fire rated door. Below you can see an example of this application.


In some instances, especially in homes with more than 2 floors. It is vital to protect the entire staircase. From the top floor to the basement. In this case every door leading off the stair case. Whether this be a kitchen, living room or bedroom must be a fire door.

Fire safety is an important element of new builds and refurbishments. We always recommend that a Fire Consultant or Building Control officer is consulted. Ultimately, you want to make sure your property will protect you and people inside.

Choose striking black steel doors instead of timber doors.

FD30 internal steel doors are a stunning alternative to typical timber fire doors.

Using fire rated glass and fire glazing tapes. Intumescent fire seals. Fire foam. Fire silicone. And steel reinforcement bars. Our doors are designed to withstand 30 minutes of temperatures over 900 degrees celsius. In fact, our doors performed over 68 minutes during testing. Below is an example of our beautiful fire tested doors.


For more information on fire rated steel doors get in touch and our team will assist you. You can find more information here.

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  1. Hi. We are doing a ground floor renovation and require one Crittall effect FD30 fire door. It’ll be a fairly standard height and width 2100x800mm.

    I’d love to understand approximately cost and lead time please

    Many thanks


  2. Installing a fire door for a client. They’re looking for a fixed panel + door – rated for 30 mins.

    1300mm x 2100mm

  3. Hi,

    I’m looking for a quote for a 845mm x 2200mm FD30 fire door. Ideally with an integrated/minimal handle and 2 horizontal slim bars. Is this something you could quote for?

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hi

    I’m looking for a FD30 black glazed door with a high and width of 1981 x 838mm. Please can you provide a quote?

    Also how thick are your doors?

    Kind regards

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