Welcome to the Wonderful World of Original Black Steel doors, inspired by tradition

Steel framed windows naturally have a huge versatility in terms of their applications. It is precisely because of this fact that architects and homeowners alike are choosing steel over other materials.

What we would like to do is break down the properties of Original Black Steel doors and answer a few questions you may have about this product and its uses.

Why choose steel?

There are many reasons to choose original steel for your windows. Primarily, because it is 100% recyclable. In fact, all the steel (and glass) we use for our windows, doors and partitions comes from recycled material. We know you care about the planet and so do we.

The second reason is, as mentioned previously, it’s versatility. Because steel is such a strong material it can be used to create a large variety of windows and doors. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Pivot windows and Pivot doors
  • Large Single doors and French doors
  • Internal Sliding doors and Pocket doors
  • External BiFolding doors
  • Side, Top and Bottom Casement windows
  • & a huge array of fixed partitions and screens

Client review

Design Plus London made some steel framed windows and doors for our loft conversion. Everything from design to installation has been the highest quality and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. – google review

Applications & Versatility

Currently the construction industry is concentrating on ensuring that new builds and refurbishment are up to date. And for good reason. As we progress it is important that the products we use in our home and workspaces are modern and perform well. Especially when it comes to thermal efficiency and fire rating.

Therefore, we offer a range of Steel door and window profiles that accommodate for all applications. Do you require Energy Efficient & Thermally Broken Steel windows or fire tested internal doors? We have you covered.

For inspiration and to see different designs of Original Black Steel doors inspired by tradition visit our gallery page.

Size & Strength & Beauty

Lastly, we have size & strength. As we have seen steel can have great properties. such as energy efficiency and fire rating. However, in reality, it is the beauty of steel that counts.

The main appeal for steel is the slim profiles it allows. This natural strength means that you can see as little as 20mm black steel frames. no more chunky sight lines and bulky doors.

the inherent strength that steel has that allows for massive expanses of glass and steel walls to be constructed. almost endless. additionally, it is this strength that allows for huge openings for doors and windows. It is not out of the question to have doors as high as 3 metres. Or double doors as wide as 2.2 metres.

steel allows you to design your doors almost without limitations


As can be seen, steel has many uses and benefits for windows and doors. Particularly when it comes to where it can be used, the configurations of screens and doors, and the aesthetic design.

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Steel Window & Door FAQ

What are Original Steel windows and doors?

Steel windows and doors are often called Crittall windows or Crittall style windows . This is because in the early 20th century steel windows were popularised and manufactured by Crittall Ltd. Today there are not many companies in the UK who can now fit similar looking steel windows and doors. Our windows and doors have been inspired by the traditional design that Crittall Ltd made popular. For inspiration click HERE.

Are steel windows energy efficient?

Due to modern glazing technologies steel windows and doors comply with current building regulations for thermal performance. This means your doors will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Are original black steel doors fire rated?

Our specification of internal black steel doors have been tested to withstand 30 minutes of fire. Currently the options available are for single doors, double doors and fixed partitions.

Do steel doors rust?

New technologies give steel windows and doors anti corrosive properties. The frames are galvanised which coats the frames in a protective zinc coating. They are then powder coated which further protects the metal. In fact, there are many steel windows in use today that were constructed earlier than 1950. This truly is a testament to their durability.

Are steel doors secure/safe?

All our external steel windows/doors are glazed using toughened glass. As standard our doors are fitted with British Standard locks and shoot bolts to ensure your safety.

Are steel windows single or double glazed?

Steel windows can be double glazed and even triple glazed. Our steel profiles can accommodate glazed units up to 30mm thick. Resulting in very energy efficient windows and doors.

What is Crittall style?

Crittall style refers to windows and doors that have a square pane configuration using horizontal and vertical glazing bars. This style was popularised by Crittall Ltd in the early 20th century. View our inspiration gallery for more examples.

What is thermally broken steel?

A thermal break or thermally broken refers to a high performance insulator that separates the internal side of your window or door to the external facing side. This insulator creates a barrier and stops the cold outside temperatures from creeping into your home through the metal.

Is there a benefit to Original steel windows and doors?

The main attraction to using steel is its strength. This allows for large windows and doors to be made without the bulky frames, typical of timber or aluminium windows. Steel also holds a different texture when left bare or powder coated.

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