The W40 Original Steel profile offers the same design aesthetic as the W20 predecessor but with some additional features.

The W40 Steel Profile Design Plus London

Introduced in the 1990s, The W40 steel profile series compliments the slim, classic look of the W20 window with an increased profile depth.

Slim sight lines, large panes, thermally efficient and beautiful aesthetics.

Although the site lines are largely unchanged, the greater depth allows for additional benefits to the steel windows:

  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Larger double and triple glazed units (up to 28mm in thickness)
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Increased strength
  • Concealed Multi-point locking system

As a result of the deeper sections, W40 Steel Doors are well suited to external applications as well as in commercial use. The W40 doors and windows comply with Part L of current building requirements for heat loss.

In addition, the thicker sections allow for larger windows and doors to be manufactured. When sturdy and robust windows and doors are required the W40 steel range will not disappoint.

Original Steel 2 Doors and Windows Design Plus 02

Much like the classic W20, the W40 steel window profile shares all the same great customisable features:

  • Powder coating to any RAL colour (inc. bare metal finishes)
  • Door Heights up to 2.5 metres*
  • Double glazed units incorporating pattern and textured glass
  • Triple glazed units
  • Increased thermal performance
  • Endless choice of handles and hardware
  • Configurations and designs of doors and windows mean huge expanses of glazing can be constructed.

Available in:

  • Single and double doors
  • Side, top and bottom hung casement windows
  • Horizontal and Vertical pivot windows
  • XL fixed screens

*this is our recommendation however, doors can be made much larger if required. Please get in touch for more information.

XL Original Steel Thermal Break Doors 2 Design Plus 01
The double door opening to this screen was 2.2m wide x 2.6m high.
W40 Original Steel Section Details Design Plus London

Information for the W40 steel profile has been sourced from the Steel Window Association.