Black Steel Doors

Elegant, custom black steel doors and windows


Our original steel windows and doors are a perfect blend of heritage aesthetics, modern manufacturing methods and advanced glazing and security.

The black steel profiles allow for slim frames and large glass panels. This is a key element of our product and makes for a refined set of doors, partitions and windows.

Black Steel Doors N4 Design Plus London 1
Figure 1
External Steel Doors Crittall look W20 3
Figure 2

Due to it's inherent strength, steel allows for our frames and real glazing bars to be super slim with out sacrificing strength or durability. This natural property of steel lends itself to almost unlimited design options. Especially important when you would like to maximise the natural light entering your property. The double doors in Figure 1 above are over 2.6 metres tall!


Super slim, elegant and STRONG

SW London External W20 Black Steel Doors Design Plus London 2
Figure 3

Our external black steel doors and windows are galvanised prior to being painted with a powder coated finish. Your doors don't have to be painted black this is just how we like them! The galvanising process protects the steel profile from rust corrosion. This ensures that your windows and doors will out live you or me.

Glazed using advanced double glazed units. Our black steel doors are capable of meeting current building regulations in terms of thermal performance. We like to use toughened glass on all our glazing to ensure that your doors are not only secure but also safe from knocks and bangs.

Combining glazing with modern Euro locks and you have a door and window set that will last you a life time and will look great for decades to come.

Get in touch to find out more about the performance of our doors and windows.


Our windows and doors are extremely customisable. We have a standard range of finishes and hardware for the frames and door furniture. Which you can find here.

However, we can powder coat our frames and handles to any RAL colour. So have a flick through the RAL chart here and let us know your preference.

We also are able to bespoke metal like finishes.

Do you have specific handles in mind? The send us the details and I am sure we can fit these for you.

Your doors don't have to be square. We will make your doors to any shape you require.

FRAN SW19 Design Plus Black Steel windows and doors

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