W20 Crittall Window Replacement

The old Crittall windows still look great to this day! However, they are getting on a bit. And manufacturing methods and glazing technologies have come on leaps and bounds since the old windows were installed.

The great replacement | Crittall Window to W20 Steel

Old Crittall windows to be replaced with W20 Design Plus London 3
Crittall style window steel W20 listed building 2

We are not too sure about the opaque glass to the bottom either.

We did suggest a nice colour matched kick plate. Nonetheless, the client gets what the client wants. And this opaque glazed unit is Krypton filled for added energy efficiency!

Original Crittall WIndow Replacement Steel window and door 2

The W20 profile is a wonderful replacement for listed buildings with Crittall windows. Due to the slender sight lines and thin double glazed units, many local councils approve the replacement.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about refurbishing your property or erect a new build:

Think about using steel windows as they are often favoured upon by many UK boroughs country wide. (A little tip from Design Plus London)

Crittall look Steel Doors Design Plus London 4

Reasons for replacing your old Crittall Windows to new W20 Steel Windows and Doors

We don't feel like we have to convince clients of making any choices. We only want to inform about the product as much as we can.

So we thought about listing a few (strong) reasons for W20 Crittall Window replacement:

1. Energy Efficiency

It does sound boring we know, but apart from saving the planet this will cut down your bills. Not to mention you will feel warmer on cold UK winter nights. And cooler on our hot summer days.

2. Stunning Character

Black steel frames look great in all environments. The slender sight lines can transform a property. Coupled with their beauty is their inherent strength. As a result large expansive windows and doors can be created which allow for massive amounts of natural light.

3. No Maintenance

Our steel is galvanised and powder coated which results in a product that can stand the onslaught of UK weather for decades to come!

More importantly, upgraded hinges, locks and weather seals result in door and windows that operate smoothly and are more secure.

Crittall style window steel W20 listed building 1
Old Crittall windows to be replaced with W20 Design Plus London 1

In summary

We still think old Crittall windows look amazing and have tonnes of character.

Should you be thinking about replacing your windows or would like to understand the products available please do give us a call, 0207 602 10987.

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