Traditional W20 Steel Doors Fire Rated to 30 minutes

Fire safety is critical in any building, and as fire regulations tighten up it is vital that certain products keep up to date with the latest regulations.

We can all agree that Crittall style steel doors are a great addition to modern and old buildings a like. And as their popularity grows, they are increasingly being used to separate interior living spaces rather than for their intended use of external windows and doors.

FD30 W20 Steel door crittall inspired Design Plus London

Up until fairly recently, the W20 profile used in steel windows and doors has only been certified for a fixed light or fixed partition. Whilst this would still allow for great looking interiors. The glass and steel creating internal walls that would allow natural light to flow throughout the property. It meant that any doors leading from hallways to bedrooms and kitchens would need to be a traditional 44mm timber fire door. Limiting the use of the steel doors in residential and commercial settings.

Upgraded to FD30

Now, W20 Steel doors can be made to a certified Fire Rating of 30 minutes. This includes single and double doors up to a maximum height of 2400 mm. Openings that are taller can be filled with fire rated fixed lights above, meaning huge glazed partitions can be constructed to create internal walls dividing up living spaces whilst keeping natural light at a maximum.

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The difference between Non Fire Rated and FD30 Rated steel doors

Do not be confused with companies offering "steel doors with fire rated glass'. These are merely the standard uncertified w20 steel doors, fitted with a 30 minute fire rated glass.

The certified fire rated W20 doors have been completely overhauled, reinforced and subjected to fire tests ensuring the doors and fixed lights will withstand fire, heat and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes.

FD30 rated steel doors undergo a huge amount of alterations to ensure their integrity:

  • Every opening section has additional steel interlocking and strengthening bars welded on that work to keep the door shut in the event of a fire,
  • Handle and lock housings are reinforced with a solid steel plate,
  • 7.2mm fire rated glazing is held in place with intumescent fire tape that expands when heated,
  • Even the glazing beads have been upgraded to be fitted on to steel studs that are resistant to higher temperatures,
  • The perimeter of each frame and door is fitted with fire retardant foam tape that expands and secures the frame in place,
  • Doors are fitted with smoke seals to the underside.

and the list goes on. A lot of work has gone into ensuring these doors will withstand rigorous tests. And the result is that these great Crittall inspired doors can be used in more applications throughout your home and commercial/ office spaces.

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9 thoughts on “Traditional W20 Steel Doors Fire Rated to 30 minutes”

  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    We are excited about this product, and want to know if there is a FD30 rated slider door in this style by any chance?

    Kind Regards,
    Bernard Farrant

    1. Hi Bernard,
      Currently the FD30 spec products are: single and double doors, and fixed lights. Currently there is no FD30 spec sliding door.
      However, some clients have used our FD30 specification panels and fitted them to a FD30 rated sliding door gear set and Building Control have approved this system.
      Please feel free to email any questions you have directly to us.

  2. hi, I would like a couple of pairs of W20 fire doors.

    the overall SO is 830mm x 2000. the doors would be quite narrow I am aware.

    could you let me know if this might be possible?

    Many thanks

  3. Please quote for FD30 crittall fire door to fit in the following tight size opening: 2315mm height x 985mm wide x 165mm deep

  4. I have an structual opening of 2400mm high by 1800mm wide and require crittal fire rated double doors please can you send me a quote

  5. Hi, guys.. do you make these in bifold. We are making an opening 2 metres wide between kitchen and dining area / staircase. We’d prefer the doors to bi fold either side of the centre.
    Our project is in Kensal Rise London NW10 5UY

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Yes, we can make internal steel bifold screens. please do send us your enquiry via email and we would be happy to assist.

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