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– unfortunately not our projects 🙁 – but we wanted to share them because they are awesome!

Happy New Year to everyone! (Ish)

As we are maniacs about Steel Windows and Doors we wanted to post some of our favourite steel door designs. Whether they are internal partitions or double doors, or external fixed lights – we want to show case them all! Maybe they can inspire you for your next project.


These double doors have been used with a pivot hinge system that can take a load of up to 500kg! That means even doors of 2.0 metres wide can be hung with the hinge set close to the wall. It’s not very sightly when the door opens and the hinge is basically in the middle of the doorway. It also allows for the doors to be installed without a frame around the door leafs creating a very clean design.


Someone had a great idea to use crittall style Steel doors for a shower screen. Not only do they look wonderful, the black steel has been treated for rust by being hot dipped galvanised. The process results in a rust proof and weatherproof metal that is perfect for shower door and screens.


This example is one of our favourite steel door designs and really showcases the versatility of the steel W20 profile. By playing with the location of the glazing bars a decorative screen can be produced. Add pattern or texture glass and you have created an internal partition that serves to divide up rooms and create an element of decoration.


Perhaps one of the very best examples of steel doors and windows is in a hotel in Shoreditch, London. Why stick to having equal square/ rectangular panels when you can have some fun with the design. Mix together steel kick plates with glazing bars and a custom made handle to make your doors really unique. We love the design of these internal doors, BRAVO!


Our final choice has to be these external windows. Steel frames are inherently strong and allow for large expanses of glass. Use this characteristic and create huge uninterrupted sections of glazing that can bring the outdoors inside. As you can see in this example, the fixed panels are completely unobscured by glazing bars whereas the door has a few horizontal bars added for a subtle decorative effect.

Our list could be endless (we might have to add a part II in the near future). If you have any steel door design ideas get in touch and we will do our best to help. Or, why not have a look at the configurations here and see which designs appeal to you.

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