Stylish and sustainable material

100% recyclable. A sustainable product that also gives your project a high-end and luxurious look. Don't settle for second best.

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Endless configurations and customisation

Choose from a large selection of openings and glazing options, including pattern glass such as Cross Reeded glass.

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Selection of Hardware and finishes

From satin chrome to aged bronze and brass. Choose the finish that will give your steel windows and doors a unique touch.

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We are passionate about Steel Windows and Doors

Architects, designers and homeowners are creating spaces that allow for more natural light. As a result, windows with more pleasant sight lines and thinner window profiles are being chosen. Steel windows are the answer. They are attractive as well as being thermally efficient. Modern technologies allow steel to take on an a beautiful finish that also requires minimal maintenance.

A huge array of additional handles and hardware options are available in a variety of bare metal finishes and colours. You can even choose your own handles and we can fit this for you.  We want you to have a product that will suit your taste exactly.


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A sustainable material. The W20 system is manufactured almost entirely out of recycled steel. The durability and longevity of the windows results in a product that has minimal environmental impact. And is considered "green" by the Building Research Establishment "Green Guide".

The beauty and renewable characteristics of steel are some of the many reasons why Architects and Designers all over the world are favouring these windows and doors over standard alternatives.

Due to their strength, steel windows and doors can be used in almost every building application. Their strength gives unlimited design creativity. Large heights and openings can be achieved through endless configurations of doors, windows and fixed lights.

So, whether you are looking for internal doors or large external windows we are confident that our steel products will meet your needs. And what is MOST IMPORTANT, is that they will look STUNNING!

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A small inspirational compilation showing the possible configurations and design options for steel profile windows and doors.

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